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Amazing products. It really helps me in my workout.
Amazing products. It really helps me in my workout.

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Purchase 2 products or more and use promo code EXCELLENCE15
to get an instant rebate of 15% on the total of your order.

Research and Developement

When you choose Excellence Nutraceutik, you obtain products supported by science. The ingredients used in our products are pure, unadulterated, organically certified. No harmful additives are ever used. Each product is uniquely formulated to assure maximum utilization by the body. When you use our supplements you can rest assured that everything we recommend has a basis in the science of how your body works.

Quality has always been and will continue to be the cornerstone of Excellence Nutraceutik. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every product we make. Each pharmaceutical product undergoes rigid process validation, stability-indicating method validation, and method development protocols during each manufacturing and analytical process. Every dietary supplement product is subject to “pharmaceutical type” controls and quality reviews. We identify raw materials to ensure proper potency and purity using advanced analytical techniques, and formulate to meet the highest industry standards.

Our manufacturing processes follow the highest standards and our quality assurance and control procedures are stringent. Excellence Nutraceutik adheres to the strict standards of the current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We test and analyze raw materials, products in production and finished goods using advanced analytical techniques such as capillary electrophoresis, atomic absorption, UV/visible spectrophotometry, infrared and near-infrared spectrophotometers, high pressure liquid chromatography, gas chromatography and microbiological testing where appropriate.

Our adherence to exacting quality assurance and quality control standards assures you that your precise product specifications are consistently met.

Highest standards

Commitment to quality

is reflected in every product we make

Supported by science

We use the purest ingredients

Uniquely formulated to assure maximum utilization
No banned substance
GMP Certified
Made in Canada

Featured articles

Featured articles


Free meal plan to optimize body composition.

Here's a FREE meal plan to optimize your body composition. It'll help you to lose fat and to gain muscle at the very same time.

Opinion about vaccines. Dr. Anthony Borsellino

I am going to get a lot of people bashing me for this topic, but it is something that I have been in discussion about recently and was asked about my opinion so I thought I would share.


Recent articles

Recent articles


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Prime Time is most certainly your best bet when it comes to perform !

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Linoleic acid (CLA).

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Prime Time

Why all my athletes use Prime Time from Excellence Nutraceutik. BCAA : Prevent muscle breakdown while exercising (anti-catabolic). Also allow faster recovery...

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Omega-3s constitute a type of fat that is essential to the functioning of cell membranes throughout the body. They have to...

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Multivitamins several times a day?

Why should you take your multivitamins several times a day? Water-soluble vitamins only remain in our bodies for a few hours,...

Thanks for the great customer service support regarding my order. I am very impressed with the customer service support I received. I was also surprised at how quick my order was fulfilled and shipped. I will definitely shop here again.
Maxime Beaudoin
This is my 2nd time ordering from Excellence Nutraceutik, I'm beyond satisfied with the company, you guys have all the products I like and great prices also I get my package within 2-3 days it's awesome definitely won't be ordering anywhere else!
Eric Harvey

Our products stand out because of their precise formulations. Our company is committed to innovation that will allow you to go beyond the limits you set for yourself when you began training.

 - Jean Nicolas Audet, Founder of Excellence Nutraceutik

Our latest stories on Instagram. Don't be shy and come share your stories with us.

Our latest stories on Instagram. Don't be shy and come share your stories with us.